Thursday, November 30, 2006

Advent lighting of the candles skit

We are in Advent. Advent means a community of Christians we use this time to prepare for the second coming of Jesus.

Many church's use an advent wreath in their worship with four coloured candles (sometime all the same colour, sometimes different colours) plus a white Christ Candle. The four coloured candles represent Hope, Peace, Love and Joy

Each week we will be lighting the advent candle following discussion from one of the characters of the nativity scene.

Advent 1: Wise men

Wise man:
My name is Gaspar,
Many people know me as one of the wise men
But do you know there is nothing special about me or the other two wise fellows, we simply try to be in touch with the right things and the right people
This meant listening to God and His promises and the signs that he said would occur
This is how we prepared for that first Christmas!!!

What about you, how do you prepare for Christmas??

Now some of my friends are preparing for Christmas by going to parties, eating lots, working out how they will deal with family, trying to finish work, planning holidays and looking for bargains.
On the other hand some of my other friends don’t like this time of the year at all. They don’t have many friends, they are missing someone or they simply want to avoid crowds so keep to themselves.

We found it best to prepare for Christmas by first listening to God
Then looking out for the signs he said would occur
And looking forward to the promises he makes

And you how we found Him,
We followed what God said would occur when He was born
We followed that bright star, because that is what God said would lead us to the new king.

As you prepare for Christmas
Take some time to follow the light of Jesus
The light that gives you and me hope of a better future

You know you can easily do this through out Advent by spending some time everyday listening to God and talking to Him
Take home the booklet ‘The Gift of Christmas’ and use it for your personal or family devotions everyday.
Listen for his promises and the Good News He brings

We now light the candle of hope
Because our king Jesus gives us hope no matter what we face

Advent 2: Shepherds, heard from John Baptist
Advent 3: One of the Animals in the inn, (Thessalonians)
Advent 4/Christmas eve: Mary and Joseph

©2006 Richard Schwedes. Churches, schools, sunday schools and families are free to use this play. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Everyone else should contact me for permission.

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